An Interview With Dion Sideboard, “Quest” on Grits!

Dion Sideboard talks about “Quest”, and being the Louisiana flavor of “Grits”

Quest is just fun-loving yet has a serious side too. We took a few minutes with Dion Sideboard, @needighandle, “Quest” on “Grits” 

Tell us about Quest?

Quest is a fun-loving outspoken, very energetic character that just wants to be loved by everybody, but he doesn’t show it. He has a very tough exterior.

What is “Grits” about?

This story is about the Black LGBTQ queer community, based in Louisiana. And basically, it’s a lot of s**t going on a lot, a lot of s**t going on. It has a lot of Louisiana flavors in it and I don’t want them [people] to just get the, “Oh, well, why are they doing that, because they’re so used to the whole California bubbly gay scene. But no, bitch it’s not like that since it’s different out here [in Louisiana].

How has it been filming “Grits”

It’s been such a f***ng amazing time. Gregory the director, he’s so amazing. The camera crew, everyone. I just love everyone so much now. It’s been great.


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