An Interview With Tyler Basley, “Josiah” on Grits!

Tyler Basely talks about “Josiah”, and being the baby of the family on “Grits”

“Grits” is a web series about a family like every other and yet like no other.  We sat down with Tyler Basely @easypeazy to chat about his character, “Josiah” and his place in the “Grits” family.

Tell us about you

I play Josiah on “Grits”. “Grits” is a story about a family. It’s about how this group of queer, black people come together and form their own circle where they feel more comfortable.

Tell us about Josiah

So Josiah is a pretty simple guy. He’s one of the youngest out of the whole family. And I honestly think that he’s pretty comfortable being where he is. He doesn’t know a lot, so he only knows what he’s surrounded by. And I think the most that he wants out of life, it’s probably more fabric to play with.

How are you and Josiah alike?

So kind of like Josiah, I was part of a family, you know, where you have to be welcomed in by a mentor. So, and I was the youngest one out of everybody too. So when Josiah came in, he had to learn this new lifestyle.

What do you want viewers to take away from “Grits”?

I hope that people get that “Grits” is about this family, but it’s also about every family in general. Everybody has those people that they hate that they fight with, but they also love that they can go to when they need something, but they also can just chill and relax with.

Someone is buying you a drink at a bar. What are you having?

If I’m at a bar and somebody is buying me a drink, I’m good with a Crown and Coke with a little bit of lime.

How has it been, filming “Grits”?

So filming with Hoodoo House has been a great experience. The cast is great. The crew is great. I’m very comfortable with everybody. The crew makes the effort to make everybody feel welcome. And then joining the cast, it feels like a big family. So I just love it.

What drew you to “Grits”?

Before “Grits” I was familiar with the director in passing and we kind of worked together and the chance to audition got offered to me. And I had to jump at it because I felt like it was something that I needed to do, something that needed to be said, and I was just ready for it.


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