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the story of a black, queer community surviving and thriving in the Deep South.

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“Grits” follows the story of a Black, LGBTQ community surviving and thriving in the deep South.
Set in Plaquemines, Louisiana, Grits tells the story of a Black, LGBTQ-chosen family brought together by various hardships and struggles. “Grits” paints the true mosaic of Southern Black LGBTQ life…  

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“Grits” follows the story of a black, LGBTQ community surviving and thriving in the Deep South.

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Episode 1 | The Shindig

Release Date: April 3, 2021,
Miss Rhea Sunshine, an old school drag queen and proud drag mother of four, is hosting a birthday party for one of her children, Josiah. Josiah’s boyfriend Walter has been keeping a nasty ‘lil secret. New boy Ever causes trouble for the family...

Episode 2 | Hush Your Mouth

Release Date: April 22, 2021,
Rhea and her fellow queens get ready for their weekly performance at the Sugar Factory. Ms. Mister gathers the family together to make a special announcement, which Rhea isn’t too happy about. Ms. Mister receives a disturbing message.

Episode 3 | Heavens to Betsy

Ms. Mister reveals to the family what the spirits told her the night before. As panic begins to set in for everyone, Moodie, Brooklyn, and Jamie experience problems in their thrupple. Daniel gets to know Ever a little more intimately. Meanwhile, Quest and Josiah make it big (sorta)! “Baron Samedi” pays a visit.

Episode 4 | Goodness Gracious

Ms. Mister learns more about Ever’s past. A funeral is held and Detective Bordelon begins his investigation into what happened that night at the Sugar Factory. Stanka comes across a new and enticing business venture. Later that night, the family performs an ancient Hoodoo ritual and officially welcomes two new members of the family.

Episode 5 | That Dog Don't Hunt

Daniel and Ever have sex for the first time, but an unfortunate incident leaves Daniel mortified. Quest and Josiah get ready for their big night, but things aren’t looking too hot.
Tiffany and Eli get into a fight while Stanka works on building a production team and getting sponsors for his Freak Fans. Shit Happens!

Episode 6 | The Crossroads

Chess receives news about his estranged father and starts spiraling.
Stanka and his team begin filming for their Freak Fans. Jamie confronts Moodie and Brooklyn about their relationship.
Later that night, Chess asks Rhea to meet him outside of the Sugar Factory to talk.

Episode 7 | Shit Hits the Fan

When Ms. Mister’s Cousin Frankie comes back to town, she ends up stirring trouble within the family as her big mouth leads to well-kept secrets being revealed. Meanwhile, Chess gets caught up with a mischievous stranger and Eli loses his temper.

Episode 8 | Having a Conniption

It’s been two months since everything went down. Everyone’s upset and this once solid community, united by love and acceptance, is completely broken apart. What’s it gonna take to bring this family back together? Ms. Mister has an idea that just might work!